Icecamp Greenland – it all started with the right location


Protected from the mighty Piteraq (storms from the ice sheet), clean drinking water (note: absolutely fantastic water quality!), accessibility by boat in summer and dog sleds in winter, a little phone reception – which saves expensive calls with the satellite phone and last but not least the view and all the ice you can wish in reach. The location of the ice camp could not be better.

Icecamp greenland - base of your greenland adventure

Location / GPS: East Greenland, Ukîverajik, 

65.78,56 N 037.89,80 E

And so, a number of other huts

… were quickly added to the one hunting hut that already existed here. Of course, the conditions to build something here are anything but ordinary. Logistics and infrastructure pose special challenges in such a remote place.

The camp inside

This is one of the reasons

… why we were so proud to finally welcome the first guests to the camp in summer 2019 – after three years of construction.

But as we all know, the 2020 season was then slowed down by the global pandemic, and the 2021 season also failed due to a lack of predictability.

Finally, in summer 2022

… we could get started. Already during the construction phase, we explored the area and scouted out the most beautiful areas, hikes and boat routes.

Now we would like to show you the beauty of the arctic nature.

The Icecamp welcomes you!

Fact Sheet Icecamp

5 private huts

2 beds, shelf, heater, electricity / light, wardrobe, entrance, extra room with toilet

1 x storage / service / shared showers

Storage & Service: shelfs for supplies, tools, life wests, racks for drying suits, tour & expedition equipment

Shared showers: Heated room with two showers and two sinks, wardrobe

Sleeping room guides.

1 x kitchen, dining, lounge

Kitchen: fully equipped, two gas stoves, fridge, weber grill and smoker (cold smoke) outside


2 Inmar 530 Inflatables (530cm / 18ft) with 70 hp Suzuki (4 stroke). Approved for 12 passengers. Max 6 passengers on our trips. 70l fuel tanks for up to 65 nm range.


Expedition and safety gear as well as medical first aid gear, tools, fishing gear, firearms, radios


Drinking water quality from a river. Natural water pressure via a one square meter storage tank (glacier and rainwater). Water taps in the kitchen and shared bathroom.


230v, 5,5kw generator (diesel). Light and el. Sockets in all buildings. Electricity currently 07am until 10pm (or on request). Second el. System via battery storage 24/7 is under construction.
Sockets are European standard (type C).


Phone reception in some places / no internet

Getting there

in Summer

by boat
– 2 h from Kulusuk
– 1,5 h from Tasiilaq
– 20 min from Tiilerilaaq

in Winter

from Tasiilaq
– by dog sled 3-4h
– by snowmobile 1h


Icecamp services

The Icecamp offers you the complete service for a relaxed stay. This means we organize pick-up at the airport in Kulusuk, you will find bed linen and towels in your cabins, we ensure that there is always enough food and drinks at the camp, as well as consumables and fuel for the generator, heaters and the camp’s own boats.

Icecamp meals

Usually, breakfast and a hot evening meal are served, while lunchtimes are light food, or provisions are taken for the day trips and often we eat at a scenic landing site.

The type of the meals can also be adjusted/ordered on request. Food intolerances and allergies should always be communicated before the start of the trip.

Icecamp trips

Many trips are planned and managed by our partners and travel agencies. We ask for your understanding that we are often not able to answer questions in detail for these trips.



Our team is there for you in the Icecamp or makes sure that you get there safely. All have at least many years of experience in the region and know the nature and climatic conditions very well.

If you decide to work in such a remote location, then teamwork is more than half the battle!



Team Icecamp Greenland - Anja Dietze