Experience East Greenland

  • Day 1 Transfer Kulusuk – Icecamp
  • Day 2 Johan Petersen Fjord with hiking on the island
  • Day 3 Visit to Tiilerilaaq (Tinit)
  • Day 4 Hike at Icecamp (Iceberg Alley)
  • Day 5 Visit to the beach at Ukîverajik and the settlement of Ikkatteq
  • Day 6 Transfer Tasiilaq – Museum – City
  • Day 7 Knud Rasmussen Glacier and Ikateq Airbase
  • Day 8 Transfer to Kulusuk and departure

“I had a tremendous experience staying at Icecamp during our 2022 expedition. Great food, great location on Sermilik Fjord, and most of all, great people!  All camp activities were well-organized, conducted with safety in mind, and met the needs of all team members during our week-long expedition.  Camp activities including diving, hiking, whale watching, and glacier experiences.  I can’t stop thinking about my time in East Greenland and I look forward to getting back to Ice Camp as soon as possible!  No one does it better for a TRUE Arctic Adventure!”

Chris, Professor of Kinesiology, USA

Diving Expedition

  • Day 1 Transfer Kulusuk – Icecamp
  • Day 2 Diving day with 2 to 3 dives. Photo boat tour (“Golden hour”)
  • Day 3 Half day of diving. Hike at Icecamp (Iceberg Alley)
  • Day 4 Visit to Tiilerilaaq (Tinit). Half day of diving.
  • Day 5 Half day of diving. Visit to the beach at Ukîverajik.
  • Day 6 Full day of diving and photo boat tour or whale watching.
  • Day 7 Johan Petersen Fjord with hiking on the island
  • Day 8 Transfer to Kulusuk and departure

“For me, the Icecamp is the reduction to the essentials, in the middle of impressive nature, far away from the usual civilisation, no distraction by the unimportant, in a wild landscape in which you can realize how small the random product human beings actually is.

With Icecamp Greenland I have found the perfect partner for the implementation of cinematic ideas. Sven and his guides have a rich knowledge about the country and its people and are always there to help and advise.”

Alex, Filming & Creative, Austria

Photo tour / workshop

First Day Transfer Kulusuk – Icecamp

Possible content of photo specials:

  • The colors of the ice (icebergs and structures up close)
  • Mountains and sea / ice, mountains, fjords, glaciers
  • Inuit culture / arctic life
  • Summer in the Arctic / flowers, macro
  • Northern lights on icebergs (depending on weather and ice conditions)
  • Whales, giants of the arctic
  • Golden hour
  • Blue hour
  • Timelapse / the movement of the ice
  • Abstract / creative

Last Day Transfer to Kulusuk and departure


Open for agent bookings – with or without own photo guide!

Your custom made stay at the Icecamp

Day 1 Transfer Kulusuk – Icecamp

Day 2 – Day ?  – you can design your private Arctic Adventure

Last Day Transfer to Kulusuk and departure

Kulusuk Airport

N 65.575764
E 37.135673

Kulusuk boat

N 65.581533
E 37.143719

Tasiilaq boat

N 65.615057
E 37.629132


N 65.789198
E 37.877855

Transfers from and to the airport in Kulusuk


Even the flight from Iceland to East Greenland is an adventure. The small propeller machines need about two hours for the route. Due to a corresponding time difference, you land around the time of departure.

Approaching the Greenland coast, keep an eye out for icebergs if cloud cover allows – who will spot the first ice? Huge massifs of ice are drifting south alomg the coast. The closer you get to land, the more pack ice and icebergs there are to see. The landing on the gravel runway of the airport in Kulusuk offers a particularly spectacular view, as there is a lot of stranded ice shimmering turquoise in the navy-blue water around the island.

After landing, there is always some chaos in the small airport building. Usually there is no control of passports on arrival and you wait in front of the building until the luggage is delivered on trailers with a tractor.

Our guides and drivers meet guests here. After being greeted, the luggage is usually taken to the harbor wall by ATV. Guests walk a few hundred meters along a paved road. There is a lot to see: glaciers, mountains, ice and icebergs – the odd snowfinch and some brave arctic flowers or dwarf willows. The camera should be ready now.

For the boat transfer, it is advisable to go to the toilet in the airport building, have warm clothing ready and, if necessary, buy something to drink or eat at the small kiosk.

Unfortunately, the descent to the boat is a bit difficult when the water level is low. A jetty was destroyed by the ice a few years ago and a replacement has not yet been built. Of course, the guides help with loading the luggage and if participants need assistance.

The direct drive to Tasiilaq takes 45 minutes and to the Icecamp just under two hours. Weather and whale sightings along the way can increase these travel times.

Humpback and fin whales are common off Kulusuk in summer. Sightings during transfer trips are therefore quite normal. Of course, short photo stops can be made, and impressive icebergs will be seen on the way.

Alternative transfer by helicopter Kus-Tas-Kus: It is possible to fly from Kulusuk by helicopter from Airgreenland to Tasiilaq. The flight lasts about 10 minutes and can be very impressive in good weather.

In this case you can already check in your luggage in Iceland and do not have to collect it when you arrive in Kulusuk, but only when you arrive in Tasiilaq. However, traveling with excess baggage is quite expensive. Helicopter flights need to be booked in advance.

In Tasiilaq: In Tasiilaq, the boat docks at a convenient jetty (floating dock) and there is a short transfer by car to the accommodation. Of course, if you want, you can also walk and just have your luggage transported by car.

In the Icecamp: Here the boat docks at a tide ladder. With a little teamwork, the luggage is quickly unloaded and over a short wooden walkway at the camp, where we give an overview of the buildings and surroundings.